I do this daily as a job thing. 3. Subject: [win10] How To Turn Off Narrator on Nokia Lumia 830 (8.1) mobile phone Hello List! If you accidentally start Narrator, the results can be startling without an obvious way to turn it off. Turn off Cortana reading a text message while connected to Bluetooth? ... every time i click the side button to turn it off it doesnt, ... Nokia Lumia 535 vs 635. Lumia with Windows 10 Mobile ... new to Lumia, check out the section for new users. ... How do I turn off the Narrator? I have a lumia 830 windows 8.1 mobile phone; somehow I got narrator started; disabling narrator function on lumia 520 windows phone. Lumia with Windows 10 Mobile ... new to Lumia, check out the section for new users. Under "Narrator" move the slider to the right to turn it On or to the left to turn it Off. I've done the hold volume up button while holding power on button thing a number of times but the narrator will not go away Random, informal Nokia blog for Nokia, Symbian, Maemo, MeeGo and Windows Phone news, reviews, rants, suggestions and applications. Another way is to use Cortana to Open Ease of Access, which will also get you back to the settings page. Skip to Optus Navigation; ... Search in Nokia Lumia 820. Turn off Auto Spelling Correction in Lumia. Windows 10: How to Turn Off or On Narrator. Tip: How to exit Narrator on Windows Phone 8.1. by Surur . Turn off narrator. How to Turn Off the Microsoft Narrator Start Up. Cant turn phone on my husband had to call me then it came on. Tap Read hints for controls and buttons to place the yellow Narrator box around the Read hints for controls and buttons option, and then double-tap it original title: microsoft narrator how do i turn off microsoft narrator? Please refer to following article and check if help you to turn off Narrator. 5. The PIN protects your SIM from unauthorised use if your phone should get stolen. Follow these easy instructions to turn your own caller identification on or off. To exit Narrator simply Hold down the Volume Up and Start button. I know that if you do not know how to turn ease of access narrator off, it can be pretty scary situation. How do I turn off my narrator on my Nokia 635? Turn the Camera Flash On or Off on Microsoft Lumia 535. How to Turn Off Windows Narrator. Popular topics. Opinions. I would like to turn off the touch sounds so as not you have The touch sounds on my Nokia Lumia Windows 8 phone is really annoying when I am at public places. Third way is to actual navigate, to settings, ease of access, narrator. Doing so gives you immediate access to your Outlook email and apps and games from the Windows Store. 3. It will not scroll sideways or up or down when narrator is on Post to Facebook . jon says: ... Having trouble cant turn phone off. ... How can I open the camera on Nokia Lumia 535? This post is for all those windows phone 8.1 users, who have accidently or intentionally activated the narrator of Ease Of Access feature and now you dont know how to turn it off. The first page that opened on internet search for this topic how to deactivate narrator on Nokia Lumia 920 was yours. Volume Button (Lumia 535) ... How to turn off Windows Phone (Lumia 925) with a broken screen. Hold the "Volume Up" button and then tap the "Start/Windows" button. Cannot unlock your Windows Phone because Narrator is turned on? Post to Twitter . Posted By Anish Sangamam on Jun 10, 2013. TURN OFF IN RESTRICTED AREAS Microsoft Narrator is Windows' built-in screen reader, which can be particularly useful for the visually impaired. original title: microsoft narrator how do i turn off microsoft narrator? How do i turn off the narrator on my nokia lumia 635. i can`t get my window open to get to settings?